Vanitha Samajam

The Martha Mariam Vanitha Samajam is an organization for the women of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church. This organization was derived to enhance and enlighten the spiritual and social growth of the women of the church.Vanitha Samajam empowers the women of this parish to work in the society in spiritual and cultural activities. The members conduct meetings every 2nd and 4th Sunday after the Holy Qurbana. They come together in prayer, singing devotional songs, and reading passages from the Bible. Meetings and discussions are lead by the Vicar. Vanitha Samajam also is the backbone behind most of the social functions of the church.They are taught to lead a life of goodwill and prayer that will be beneficial to the spiritual growth of the parish.They take an active part in prayer meetings and various other programmes and they work along with various charity organizations and offer services to the needy wherever they can.

Vanitha Samajam 2018-19

Vanitha Samajam office bearers:
Vice President : Mrs. Kochumol Paul
Secretary : Mrs.Soley Kunjumon
Treasurer : Mrs.Soosamma Mathew